Quality Assurance at the affordable cost with experienced QA engineers

Contact Sage Digital Services managers at (661) 505 8813 or at contact@sageqa.com for a project estimate.

Sage Digital Services collaborates with interactive agencies and leading brands to provide continuous customer satisfaction. We achieve high standards, while keeping budgets competitive.

Moderation services focus on community sites, social networks, forums, blogs and user-generated content. Inappropriate content is tactfully edited in accordance with Voice of the Community and brand guidelines.

Sage Digital Services has experienced testers who work on Flash and HTML5, mobile applications and websites from online gaming to email campaigns. We maintain a continuously updated matrix of platforms, operating systems, browsers, tablets, mobiles and  in-house tools. Feedback is delivered via online bug-reporting applications provided by the client, under non-disclosure agreements.

Specialties include community moderation, user-generated content, posts/comments, uploads (images and video), removal of spam and disabling of spammers and users not following guidelines.

In addition, Sage Digital Services provide content proof reading, functionality, content display, preloading, ‘freezes’, audio, forms and validation, performance and browser comparability testing, design review (inconsistencies, blurry fonts, transitions, glitches) and ‘first impressions’ feedback.